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The Maya Goddess of Plenitude and Generosity

The Maya Goddess of Plenitude and Generosity
               twirls the strand of a  consummate gift  from her priests who
            wishing to express their gratitude for her teaching
              presented a holy offering of their severed penises
         to make a magnificent skirt sewn by her female courtiers
        fringed with beaded symbols patiently crafted with turquoise and gold
           of the male ejaculation 

Feather Goddess


The Feather Goddess
                     with her patriarchal warrior guard
           arrogantly watching
              a fire dance during which she is consumed
      by the imagined flames
                                and swirled up
                       into the cosmos
beyond pain or passion
                 beyond abject failure or disappointment
      beyond delusion or uncertainty
                                      beyond the chains of
physicality to an exalted realm
                            of lasting spiritual peace

Goddess of Patience

Ohoyo Osh Chishba was a Six Nations
Goddess, shaman, mother, Heroin who was watchful and 
protective of all young people seeking  the comfort of her strength
                     her inspired wisdom as does the young boy who clings to her
              while he peers anxiously outward at the world and intense gaze of curious strangers 

Tree Goddess

                     The Tree Goddess dependably combats
        threat and anxiety  as she attends to victims
        of jungle terror who venerate her loyalty
      while some, beyond her reach and influence
       will panic in a state of indecision that erupts
       as a flurry of discharged energy like this startled bird 
frightened by an approaching predator while beneath 
the disruption  every root quivers in the soil  
until the dark menace has passed

Moon goddess

Aleut Goddess

The Aleut Goddess who appeared
       when the glaciers retreated
to allow caribou and all wild beasts
                         and human wanderers
       onto ancient American soil
            and salmon to replenish the rivers
               and the coastal waters of
       the immeasurable, uncontrollable Pacific ocean.
          She transmits through her strands
   of hair to the brave fisherman
            who beseeches her to summon
      his strength and bravery for
              the perilous challenge of a wounded whale

Goddess Of The Wind

Goddess Alters

Mother Goddess